Covid-19 Response

Throughout COVID-19 restrictions, we maintained connection with our clients across all our outback communities through our established Stay With Me video-phone connect service. In fact, our number of connection points increased on the same period last year

Feb – June 2019 – 1650 appointments
Feb - June 2020 – 2437 appointments  
Increase of

For us as an organisation, and for our outback communities, here are some good things we've seen come out of COVID-19


We understand how isolation can impact our mental health - More people now have a greater understanding - and we hope a greater sense of compassion - of the reality of isolation for our outback families.


Relationships matter - We've seen how relationships can flourish even when we can't see each other in person.


Remote telehealth is viable and effective - Through necessity, more service providers turned to telehealth platforms to deliver services and discovered what we already knew – remote telehealth is an adaptable and accessible platform.


Connecting With First Nations


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Stay With Me