In-Kind Support

Our organisation is strengthened by generous skilled experts who are wanting to give back using their professional skills. We are always open to discussing how you can contribute, whether you're an accountant, a marketing guru, a community activist or something else. We'd love to hear from you!

Please give us a call on 0417 703 729 or email us at to discuss how you can get involved.

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Outback Futures & Sandy Lokas

In June 2019 at The Funding Network's Brisbane pitch evening, Outback Futures was approached by Sandy Lokas, Managing Director of Hyphen IO. Sandy was interested in exploring how he could contribute to the work of Outback Futures using his graphic design and communications skills.

Within a couple of weeks of meeting Sandy, he had already helped design a new e-newsletter template and a new brochure for our team to hand out to clients in our partner communities.

Sandy’s expertise, passion and generosity are so incredibly valued by the team at Outback Futures. Thank you Sandy for all you’ve done and continue to do for our outback families!