Why you’ll see our utes, but not our buildings

Ever wondered why you’ll see our Outback Futures utes out and about, but no Outback Futures buildings?

We know what works for people in cities and larger regional centres often doesn’t work in the bush. 

So we’ve listened and talked with people in our bush communities and together developed a solution that gives you access to the help you need – when and where you need it. 

No matter where you live, you can get support without travelling to a building with Outback Futures on it. 

You can access regular and reliable support through our Stay With Me phone/video service from wherever you feel safe and comfortable. 

This means you don’t have to check up and down the street before you’re seen walking into a building to get support for your mental health. 

And when our team is visiting your community, you’ll see us out and about in our utes connecting with people face-to-face in schools, workplaces, community centres, parks, homes…anywhere you feel safe and comfortable to chat. 

It’s all part of our commitment to providing mental health and wellbeing support that works for our outback.

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