As we as a state reflect on the ways we have rallied in the face of COVID-19, we invite you to take a look over the back fence into our outback communities.

We're sharing stories from our outback families and communities.

We're celebrating the strength, courage and tenacity of our outback; and also talking about the drought, and the ongoing mental health and wellbeing needs in remote Queensland.

Scroll down, click our social posts and videos, and spend a bit of time with us in our outback.

Your generosity helps us create safe and accessible ways for everyone in the outback to better understand, value and respond to mental health and wellbeing.

Together, we can build stronger and more resilient outback communities.

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Over the Back Fence Webinar

Did you miss our Our Over The Back Fence Webinar?

Here's the recording of the full webinar for you to watch. If you can only spare a few minutes, we've pulled together a highlights reel too.

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"The first step is by far the toughest you'll have to take."

Dave is an ordinary outback Aussie bloke who struggled through years of depression and anxiety.