Who do I talk to? Psychologists, counsellors and psychiatrists

When we have conversations about mental health, people might talk about seeing a psychologist, counsellor or psychiatrist. Maybe you’ve wondered what the difference is between the three, or if in fact there’s any difference at all? 

Here are some quick facts that might help: 

While psychologists, counsellors and psychiatrists have different skillsets, they all focus on helping people have healthy minds and a positive sense of wellbeing.  


  • have completed a medical degree, so are able to prescribe medication if required.  
  • usually focus on helping people by diagnosing and managing mental illnesses. 

Counsellors and psychologists: 

  • are not able to prescribe medication, however they can work together with your GP if medication could be helpful. 

We value your goals and insights, and work with with you to help you achieve your desired outcomes.


  • have completed studies in human emotions, behaviours and thought processes. 
  • can assist clients with strategies to address complex mental health conditions. 
  • sometimes provide longer term support or address multiple issues. 


  • are trained to help people experiencing personal difficulties.  
  • help clients develop strategies to address issues and make more positive choices and changes in their lives 

Clear as mud? Not sure who to talk to? 

The Outback Futures team includes both trained counsellors and psychologists who have a wide set of skills and areas of expertise.  

Our counsellors and psychologists have a caring, client-centred approach. This means we value each client’s goals and insights, and work with with you to help achieve the desired outcomes.  

When you first connect with Outback Futures we’ll chat about your needs or concerns. We’ll then connect you with one of our team whose skillset matches your needs.  

It often takes courage to ask for support. The Outback Futures team can answer your questions and lead you through the process. Get in touch to have a chat and make an appointment. Call 0417 703 729 or email

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