Why we're here

Our rural and remote communities are brimming with untapped potential and we’re here to help outback children and their families achieve their goals. These children and young people are highly focused on their families and communities. They are compassionate, caring, generous, selfless, mature, and incredibly hardworking. They are very proud of their communities and, in particular, how they help to feed Australia.

Unfortunately, many children in rural and remote communities do not have what we so take for granted in the city - access to regular and consistent specialist support such as occupational therapists, speech therapists or learning specialists to help address foundation developmental issues. When left unaddressed, these challenges can be detrimental to the educational and social-emotional development and mental health outcomes of the child. 

With almost half of all serious mental health issues in adulthood beginning before the age of 14, we are too often missing an opportunity to identify and manage these issues which are entirely within our control. Because of this, we are seeing constant growth in the rates of suicide and the survival of a deeply ingrained opposition to help-seeking. 

We want to change this narrative. 

We want rural and remote communities to be defined by their ownership and proactive approach to mental health issues. 

We want all Queensland children to have equal access to and opportunity for high quality support on a regular basis when required…. We want every Queensland child to have the chance to reach their potential.

We want families to feel supported through consistent mental health support. 

We want to see rural and remote communities to take ownership of their mental health and wellbeing issues so they can thrive, not just survive.