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Strengthening Communities.

Outback Futures is a not-for-profit organisation committed to long term, intergenerational change in mental health and wellbeing outcomes for our outback Queensland children, families and communities. 

We know school isn't easy for everyone, so if it's something that makes your child feel a bit squirmy in their stomach, fidgety in their fingers, or muddled in their mind, we're here to help you and your child discover some ways to turn school days into good days.

“The first step is by far the toughest step that you'll have to take,” says Dave, an ordinary outback Aussie bloke who struggled through years of depression and anxiety.

“It’s not always going to be roses,” he says. “There’s going to be ups and downs, good days and bad days, but that first step is by far the hardest.”

Join Head Yakka Yarns podcast host Tom Greer-Smith for a chat with Selena Gomersall - psychologist and CEO of Outback Futures. Selena gets personal, and shares her own mental health journey, from a teenager dealing with change and trauma, and now as an adult.

Next Head Yakka Yarns episode coming soon!

Working Docca

Our Outback Communities

We provide our outback communities with effective, regular and consistent service.

Community engagement is foundational, and ensures our services are tailored and responsive to each outback community's individual needs.

Rising Beyond Now webinar on Tuesday 7 July, 7.30pm. One of our psychologists, Tom Greer-Smith, will share about how exercise affects the brain and body, and how you can use exercise to make positive changes in your wellbeing and quality of life.

 A lack of daily routine can impact how we think and feel. Here are some practical tips to help you kick start healthy habits.

Supporting our Outback Family through COVID-19

Our thoughts are with our outback family, and our entire country, as together we navigate the constantly changing situation around COVID-19 and the impact on individuals, families, schools, businesses, and our communities as a whole. 

As always, Outback Futures is committed to providing support and care for our outback communities, whether we face isolation, drought, flood - or an unprecedented pandemic. We will continue to stay connected with you, in ways that are safe for everyone.

People will have a wide range of responses to the unfolding COVID-19 situation, and we are here to support you if you are experiencing stress, anxiety, or any other challenging responses. You can arrange for a phone or video chat with one of our counsellors or psychologists by calling 0417 703 729 or email

We are here to help with the challenges of potentially increased isolation and whatever that means for each one of us.

Listening to our communities and planning in collaboration with you is always a priority for us, and that’s not going to change now.  In line with this deeply held Outback Futures’ value, and current government health guidelines and directives, we are currently reviewing our plans for the coming months and will keep you updated.

Selena & the Outback Futures Team

In these uncertain times, you can give some certainty to our outback Queenslanders.

The COVID-19 situation means our outback families and communities have experienced a double dose of isolation - isolated by distance, and isolated by a virus.

Please give so we can keep providing care and support to our outback family.

To connect with our team and services, please call 0417 703 729 or email

OUR IMPACT IN 2018-2019

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'Stay With Me' appointments delivered
Growth in our team size to enable us to meet the growing demand for our support
Face-to-Face appointments delivered in community
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of our clients were aged 18 years and younger
of appointments were scheduled with a Psychologist or Counsellor