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Rural Financial Counselling Service

The RFCS provides free financial counselling to farmers, fishing enterprises, forestry growers and harvesters, and small related businesses experiencing, or at risk of, financial hardship.

Rural financial counsellors are qualified professionals. They will listen to your problems, look at your situation as a whole and provide support unique to you.

They will help you to develop an action plan and take the necessary steps to get you out of financial difficulty. They will also help you to build your financial knowledge, skills and resilience so you can confidently manage potential challenges in the future.

While counsellors will guide you through the process, you are always in control of the decision making.

North Queensland – www.rfcsnq.com.au

Southern Queensland – www.rfcssq.org.au

Other states – www.recovery.gov.au/rural-financial-counselling-service-locations#/map

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