Stay With Me Video/phone Connect

Consistent, accessible and reliable

Mental health and wellbeing support for adults, couples, children and families


Support and Care

Consistent and regular mental health and wellbeing support from our psychologists and counsellors.


Phone or Video Connect

Secure, private and confidential service you can access from home...or standing by the gate.


Trusted and Experienced

Our team understands remote communities.

Helping our kids grow in confidence and capacity


additional support to complement school learning

Quality educational, social and emotional support for children, consistently delivered by our team of psychologists and counsellors, occupational therapists, speech therapists, and learning and literacy specialists.


Face-to-Face and Video Connect for students

Secure and private online platform which can be accessed from school or home. Plus face-to-face visits when our team visits your community.


Parent access

Parents can access to the professionals working with their children, including the opportunity to participate in sessions when required.

To make an appointment or find out more about Stay With Me video/phone connect, call 0417 703 729 or email

How you can access your Stay With Me appointment

Before your appointment

  • A desktop or laptop computer

    The computer needs to have an inbuilt microphone and camera. Smartphones and tablet computers can be used however they are generally less effective for therapy sessions. 

  • a Quiet Space

    You will be best to be in a private, quiet place away from distractions. Please take some time to give some thought to a suitable place that will ensure you feel safe for your video consult. You may also choose to use headphones to improve sound/reduce noise/maintain privacy.

  • Coviu Website

    All you need to know and check on your device is on the Coviu website. It is essential that you have a look at this web-page before your first connection. Follow this link: Coviu Website

Your appointment

  • Connecting with your practitioner

    Each Outback Futures practitioner has their own Coviu Room. You simply need the URL for their specific room which is sent to you via email. When you paste this into your browser and hit enter, you are simply “knocking” on their door.

    This will take you to a virtual 'room'. Take a picture (snap) and enter name and click next. (Wait for practitioner to connect.) Allow microphone and camera if pop up box appears.

    If the practitioner is in their room at this time, they will hear you “knocking” and can choose to accept you into their room.

  • Have a phone nearby

    Remember if you try to enter a room and the host is not in there at that time, it won’t work. You need to try to enter only at the arranged time. It is always best to have a mobile phone handy in case your therapist needs to contact you in the case of technical or internet difficulties.

  • Respect the appointment

    Please note that appointments arranged are professional consultations so we ask that you respect this and ensure you have cleared your schedule of other duties and do endeavour to let your practitioner know should you not be able to attend your appointment.


More often than not things are smooth sailing with Coviu, however if things aren't working as you need them to, here are some camera and microphone tips to help:

  1. Click settings (top left of Coviu screen).
  2. Check under Camera that “webcam” is selected and change if not selected.
  3. Click on Video Quality and select low quality.
  4. Check under microphone that “high definition microphone” is selected and change if not selected.
  5. Minimise settings window.

To practice or troubleshoot connection issues with the Coviu website please contact Wendy Phillpotts on 0421 837 415. Wendy's Coviu room link is: