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My First Appointment

Jan 17, 2023

If you haven’t connected with a psychologist or counsellor before, you might be a little unsure what to expect in your first appointment. To help you prepare and feel at ease, here’s a heads up on what you might chat about during the session. A typical session will include three…

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Just one thing

Jun 6, 2022

It’s easy for us to feel overwhelmed by life…just one thing may help you. Our days can be full of choices, decisions, responsibilities and options…Phew! When we get overwhelmed we can feel stuck and struggle to see things clearly and with perspective, so here’s a simple activity that can help…

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Life’s Roadblocks: How To Navigate

Jun 6, 2022

Life’s roadblocks create the opportunity for us to change and overcome challenges. Some of us can navigate life’s roadblocks in the same way we navigate roadworks. We slow down a bit. Pay attention to the new path. Try a detour. We keep on going – even if we can’t see…

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How we’re bucking the trend of staff turnover

May 16, 2022

We’re committed to reducing staff turnover through an innovative workforce model. Outback Futures’ team includes a range of specialists: occupational therapists, speech therapists, literacy and learning professionals, counsellors and psychologists. These teams provide regular, accessible support to people living on properties or in remote communities through the Stay with Me…

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Good Mental Health Support | A Good Fit

Apr 26, 2022

Are you looking for good mental health support? For many of us, it takes a good dose of courage to seek help. So, when we work up the guts to talk with someone and it’s not helpful or a positive experience, it can be easy to think ‘that was useless,…

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Why you’ll see our utes, but not our buildings

Apr 19, 2022

Ever wondered why you’ll see our Outback Futures utes out and about, but no Outback Futures buildings? We know what works for people in cities and larger regional centres often doesn’t work in the bush. Outback Futures telehealth is one solution that’s making a difference. That’s why we’ve listened and talked…

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Mental Health Support: Psychologists, counsellors and psychiatrists

Apr 7, 2022

Which one do I talk to? When we have conversations about mental health support, people might talk about seeing a psychologist, counsellor or psychiatrist. Maybe you’ve wondered what the difference is between the three professions, or if in fact there’s any difference at all?  Here are some quick facts that…

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