Life’s Roadblocks: How To Navigate

Life’s roadblocks create the opportunity for us to change and overcome challenges.

Some of us can navigate life’s roadblocks in the same way we navigate roadworks. We slow down a bit. Pay attention to the new path. Try a detour.

We keep on going – even if we can’t see when the roadworks end, and come out the other end to continue with our journey.

Life’s challenges are sometimes tricky to navigate, and some of us can get stuck along the way.

So how do you respond when something challenging happens in your life?

This is where a “growth mindset” can make a big difference to our response.

A “growth mindset” means challenges or roadblocks don’t become overwhelming for us.

Instead, we see these obstacles as an opportunity to learn and try a different strategy.

We know that while it may take time and effort, change and growth is possible!

On the other hand, a fixed mindset is when we tell ourselves we can’t do it, or that we have failed, and we see change and growth as being too hard or not possible.

We all need a reminder every now and again to check in with ourselves. So take a moment to check in, and reflect on whether you have a growth or a fixed mindset.

The good news is it’s possible to change the way we think, and to cultivate a growth mindset!

If you feel like your thinking is becoming stuck, or you find change and challenge hard, you can get in touch with the Outback Futures mental health and wellbeing team. We can help with some strategies and practical tips.

Call or text 0417 703 729 to book a private and confidential phone/video appointment. Outback Futures core services are free of charge and you don’t need a referral.

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