Just one thing

It’s easy for us to feel overwhelmed by life…

Our days can be full of choices, decisions, responsibilities and options…Phew!

When we get overwhelmed we can feel stuck and struggle to see things clearly and with perspective, so here’s a simple activity that can help:

  1. List all the things you need to do or think about.
  2. If there’s more than 10 things on your list, try group similar things together – for example, you could group ‘eating better’ and ‘go for a walk’ into a category called ‘self care’. Or group ‘call bank’ and ‘reply to emails’ together in ‘admin’.
  3. Circle the things you will have time to work on today.
  4. From your circled items, choose one thing to focus on today. Maybe it’s the most important, or has a close deadline, or will help you feel more positive.
  5. Set aside the rest of the things on your list and focus on your one thing.
  6. When you do your one thing, celebrate! Cross it off your list, text someone to let them know, or tell yourself ‘well done!’
  7. Pick up your list and choose your next one thing to focus on.

If you’re struggling with feeling overwhelmed and it’s impacting your wellbeing, talking with a mental health professional can help. Reach out to the Outback Futures team on 0417 703 729 to make an appointment.

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