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Feeling connected with others at Christmas

For some of us Christmas can be a tough time of year, so feeling connected with others is an important way we can care for our wellbeing during December.

Here are some tips to help you feel more connected with others at Christmas:

  • Think ahead and plan to see family or friends over Christmas, or invite others to share Christmas with you
  • Volunteer with a community group – it’s a great way to connect with others while focusing on a task
  • Create healthy boundaries so you don’t overcommit to too many Christmas activities
  • Ask a friend or loved one to help you be accountable for healthy choices around alcohol and other drugs in the Christmas season
  • Participate in a community Christmas event or activity
  • Think about any disrupted relationships that you might need to work towards repairing
  • Offer to care for someone’s animals or pets while they are away
  • Give meaningful gifts to the people you care about – use our $0 gift list for some ideas!

The Outback Futures Wellbeing Windmill draws on the latest research and includes 5 key areas important for our wellbeing. The good news is there are things we can all do to improve our wellbeing. Often it’s the things we do in our every day lives that can create positive change.

Resources to print and share.

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