Gifts don’t have to be pricey to be special.

Often the most valuable things in life aren’t available at the checkout. It’s easy to forget that sometimes, less is more when it comes to showing you care for a family member or friend. We’ve created a list of 25 ways you can show your appreciation for someone special, without spending a cent…

  1. Hello! Pick up your phone and have a chat
  1. I think you’ll like these songs – create a playlist for someone and share it with them 
  1. It looks like a great sunset – ask someone to go for a walk 
  1. Yep, I’m listening – put down your phone and listen to what your partner or kids are saying 
  1. Free for a cuppa? Ask someone over for a chat 
  1. Sure, we’ve got time to read five – read your child a story, or ask them to read their favourite story to you 
  1. I thought you might enjoy this – give someone a favourite book from your bookshelf 
  1. Who’s seen the footy? Grab some mates and kick a footy together
  1. What time works? Set up a video chat with someone you don’t get to see very often 
  1. How are you? Ask someone how they’re doing and listen to what they say. And if they say ‘yeah, all right’ ask how they’re really doing
  1. It’s been a while and I wanted to say g’day – send a text to someone you haven’t connected with in a while 
  1. What can we use for stumps? Play a game of backyard cricket 
  1. Let’s pick something that’ll make us laugh – listen to a podcast together while you’re driving. 
  1. Is the milk supposed to smell like this? Help your kids cook their favourite meal or bake something together
  1. Snap! Play cards or a board game together
  1. Maybe just wash your feet first…offer to give your spouse or partner a back/foot/neck massage
  1. These would look nice in your kitchen – pick a bunch of flowers or leaves from your backyard and gift them to someone 
  1. I’m thankful for you – write a note telling someone how much you appreciate them 
  1. Wanna watch the stars? Lie out under the stars together
  1. Smile – look someone in the eye and smile when they talk to you 
  1. Here, let me do that for you – do someone’s washing, maybe even their ironing! 
  1. Would you like a hug? Give someone a hug
  1. Yep, I’ll be over this arvo – offer to help a mate 
  1. Everyone gets to pick their favourite – put on some great music and have an impromptu dance party in the kitchen  
  1.  I love you – tell someone you love how you feel

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