Stuck in the dam mud?

Most of us go through times when we feel stuck. You know, like when you’re in the mud on the side of the dam and your feet sink deep. 

Moving in any direction is hard work. You take a step and the mud sucks your foot right back down. You feel like one misstep, and you could end up in an even worse mess. Here’s some tips that might help us get out of the mud… 

  1. Identify the key issues.  

Think about, or chat with someone you trust, about what’s going on with your family, friends, social connections, health, work, study, living situation, finances, dreams and plans to help identify one or two key issues leading to you feeling stuck. 

  1. Change your perspective. 

Often, we focus on what we can see right now, but sometimes surprising, left field or creative ideas provide a way out. Take a look around you – the solid edge of the dam might be just over your shoulder to give you a different path out. 

  1. Rest, recharge and focus on self-care. 

Taking care of our wellbeing is important when we’re feeling stuck. Make sure you get enough sleep, eat well, drink plenty of water, move your body, and connect with other people. 

  1. Take little steps and be kind to yourself. 

We tend to get further when we focus on one thing at a time. If you try to fix everything at once you could feel like you’re sinking deeper. 

  1. Ask for help. 

There’s nothing wrong with pulling out your phone and letting someone know you’re stuck. Talk with a friend, someone in your family, a workmate, or chat with a wellbeing professional like a counsellor or psychologist. 

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