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Look Out Check In Speak Up

When someone’s sick or injured we usually know whether we need a band aid (look out), a trip to the doctor (check in), or a call to 000 (speak up).

However, many of us aren’t as confident when it comes to mental health and wellbeing.

The good news is the more familiar you are with your own mental health and wellbeing, the more you’ll know what to do if you, or people around you, are struggling or need some support.    

Here are three simple things you can do to become more familiar and confident about mental health and wellbeing:  

LOOK OUT for others and notice how our friends, family, workmates, and others are doing. 

  • Are they acting differently, are they more quiet or withdrawn, upset or angry? 
  • Ask how they’re doing in ways that show you care about their answer. 
  • Keep asking as it’s important people who are struggling know others are looking out for them.  

CHECK IN with ourselves.

When we regularly check in with how we’re feeling, we’re more likely to notice when we’re not doing well. 

  • Small changes can build up into bigger struggles, so check in regularly.
  • In the shower ask ‘how am I feeling today’ or every Friday afternoon check ‘how have I felt this week?’
  • The good news is things like eating well, exercising, getting enough sleep, and spending time with others can help improve our sense of wellbeing.   

SPEAK UP with someone when we’re struggling or need extra support.

  • For kids and teens, it’s good to have a network of 5 trusted adults – people like parents, family friends, teachers/govies, or sports coaches.
  • Reaching out for help isn’t a sign of weakness. It shows courage and strength to say you want something better for your life.   

LOOK OUT, CHECK IN, SPEAK UP is what we call a HEAD YAKKA tool. HEAD YAKKA is people and communities working together for outback mental health and wellbeing. Outback Futures is encouraging everyone to contribute to safe mental health conversations and work together to build a stronger mental health and wellbeing future for our outback.  

So remember to LOOK OUT for others, CHECK IN with yourself and SPEAK UP with someone you trust when you need some support.  

outbackfutures.org.au  0417 703 729 

Here are some Top Tips resources you are welcome to share with your community:

  1. Video – Look Out, Check In, Speak Up
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  3. Postcards – A6 postcard or 4xA6 postcards which prints on an A4 page
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